Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

When it comes to jump starters, the Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12-Volt Jump Starter has many good features.  In this review, we will go over the benefits of having a good jump starter stowed away in the car and what the Clore brings to the table in that regard.
The advent of the jump starter has been around for a while, much more so in recent years as the market for jump starters has really taken off.  The premise of jump starters is pretty simple, when one finds themselves with a dead battery and no other motorists around to give them a jump; the jump starter becomes a godsend.  One hooks up the device’s cables to the dead battery and with the internal power of the unit, charging up the battery can happen within a few minutes.
The Clore is a durable unit built to withstand pretty much anything one throws at it.  The neat thing is that the unit doesn’t weigh that much (18 pounds) so keeping it in the trunk of the car is a viable option.  The Clore has a simple readout meter in voltage at the top of the unit to monitor while charging is taking place.
The Clore comes with 425 cranking amps of power with a peak of 1,700 amps; this is quite a lot of power for such a small unit.  This is more than adequate to power up most batteries under all circumstances such as automotive batteries, marine batteries, etc.  This power comes in very handy for very cold climates such as the Midwest in winter; nobody likes a dead battery during a blizzard.  This is where the cranking amps come into play, which supply the power that one needs to charge the unit up efficiently.
Even after repeated uses over a year’s time, the Clore still holds a full charge with no wear down of the internal battery at all.  This unit will provide service for a long time for heavy users.  The Clore comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is adequate for most users.  An extra perk that Clore provides is a certificate that one can use when the warranty has expired should the unit fail afterwards.  The user can send the unit and the certificate and one-time repair fee of $50 to fix or replace the unit.  This certificate covers the unit regardless of the nature of the damage.  This is a nice touch from Clore and more manufacturers should follow their lead in this regard.
The only caveat for prospective users of the Clore is the fact that this is a professional jump starter that’s built for professional use.  What this simply means is that users of the unit must know how to use a jump-starting device and know how to jump-start a battery correctly.  Most jump-starting devices these days have many failsafes built-in to “dummy-proof” the process.  Such features as incorrect polarity warning lights if one hooks up the cables incorrectly are standard features in these newer units.  Internal switches that cut off power to the battery once a full charge has been reached are also standard in most new units as this prevents overcharging.  Some of the newer units also have switches, which cut the power to the cables when one is in the process of hooking them up or taking them off of the battery.  This prevents arcing and sparks from the ends of the cable.  The Clore does not have any of these safety measures on this unit, this could be troublesome for inexperienced jump start users who require a goof-proof device to help them along during the process.
To sum it all up, the Clore is a no-frills device that houses a lot of power to resuscitate many sluggish batteries.  The light weight of the unit and the features that it possesses are a boon to any motorist needing an ace in the hole for an emergency such as this.   If quality is what one needs, the Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12-Volt Jump Starter fills that need more than adequately.

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Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12-Volt Jump Starter


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